Bleeding the Vein

For Retired Navy Officer, Eddie Townsend, falling in love with a beautiful Filipino stripper on his first tour of duty was a mistake he would always regret. Unable to resist her intoxicating temptations, Eddie blindly complied as she made him do ever-stranger things in exchange for sex, never knowing that his mysterious lover wasn't even human. That was, until that night when she did something so grotesque, so unthinkable, that he knew then that he had to kill her...


Now a struggling alcoholic, Eddie lives a reclusive life in Shadow Creek, a small Maine fishing community. “Fast Eddie” they call him, and he is a joke to all in the quaint village. When a putrid stench fills the air as an unnatural fog rolls in, memories of his time in the Philippines claw their way to the surface and threaten his complete demise. Something wicked is preying on the sleepy fishing town of Shadow Creek; a grotesque creature of legend that feeds on the most innocent and helpless of the townsfolk. Masquerading behind the guise of beauty, it comes during the night and leaves despair, desperation, and death in its wake. When a little boy disappears, Eddie has a chance to end the source of his nightmares for good...

Forgotten Souls

Burial processions are depressing, tearful events. Sadder still, when people make their last visits to a cemetery on the same day they bury acquaintances, friends, and even loved ones. With a simple toss of dirt, a final goodbye muttered into the wind, and moral obligations complete, most will never return. The dead are left to their solitude, their misery .. neglected and forgotten.

Beneath sacred grounds, cemeteries fight to keep these forgotten souls within their crumbling gates, to protect them against the sinister forces that consistently pull from the molten pits of another world. But their hold is weakening.
Andrea has long conversed with the dead, and has waited for the one who would help her on a most important quest to release these forgotten souls. She finds her partner in Darren, a recently-graduated young man who is desperately searching for his calling. Together, the two set out on a journey to accomplish a seemingly insurmountable task, unaware of the horrible danger they are both in.

If they should fail, humanity will pay the ultimate price on account of its negligence.