26 Oct 16:  Short Stories Accepted


Recently, I have had a few short stories accepted and I'm very excited to share here.

My short story, "Whispered Sweet Nothings," was accepted by DarkFuse. and I couldn't be more proud to be among some great company!  Some cool backstory to this one: I was invited to a local community college to briefly discuss my writing process and used the draft of this story to have the class help me "flip the story on its head" to throw a few twists and turns into the mix, and think it worked very well.

My short story, "Symphony of the Ancient Gods," which originally appeared in Canopic Jars: Tales of Mummies and Mummification, was accepted as a reprint at Digital Fiction Pub. Should be up soon!

Three other reprints were accepted by the fine folks at Great Jones Street.  Very happy to see new life for my short stories, "My Aching Black Heart," "Sealing the Shadows," and "The Eighth Day,".  The Eighth Day received an honorable mention in the Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, Sixteen Edition (2002).

Lastly, my short story, "Shattered," was accepted for the anthology, Carnival of Madness, which should be released sometime next year!

28 Nov 16:  Great Jones Street


My short stories, Sealing the Shadows, The Eighth Day, and My Aching Black Heart are now up at  Great Jones Street to read.  Download the app and check them out right from your cell phone!

29 Nov 16:  God be Damned


You can read this story, which appeared in Blastzone-online, 2006; and Widowmakers: A Benefit Anthology of Dark Fiction, The James Newman Benefit Anthology, Widowmaker Press, September, 2014  Read it HERE

14 Dec 16:  Great Jones Street


My short stories, My Aching Black Heart and Sealing the Shadows are featured at Great Jones Street. Their app and presentation of each story is free and amazing!

My Aching Black Heart:

Sealing the Shadows:

1 Jan 17:  Audible version of God Be Damned


Forgot to post this, but you can listen to an audio version of my short story, God Be Damned, done by the awesome folks at Tales to Terrify. Click HERE  The intro starts around 25:00.


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